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Rancher 6022 neck joint


Was the screw on this Rancher likely to fix a neck joint? Or did they attach them like this when it was built? Just trying to gain more knowledge on the different models. Thanks. Link


Looks like a strap button, to me.


He said it was a screw but didn't know the origins. Looks like a recessed screw. I have never looked that closely inside when I saw one. Maybe someone on here who has a Rancher can let us know if theirs has a screw and what year.


Maybe I'm looking at the wrong pic. Can you post the one you're talking about?


It is the sixth image on the listing looking inside the sound hole.


The only neck screw that this model got was after '58 or so and that would be on the heel itself. There is a blurry photo with something on the inside hole that shines, but if that is a screw it was added on after the factory. This is a real nice looking one, but with all Gretsch flat tops, you want to try them out first. I've yet to run across a Rancher that sounds as good as the one Robert Duvall used in Tender Mercies.


No they never came with an inside neck screw from the factory.

Its not a bad way to keep the neck in place--but its not factory.

Cool old bird

Wish they sounded s good as the look.

This has 54' feature of no inlay on first fret


Should the entire bridge be wood like this, except the tale piece where the strings connect? I have seen some with metal bridge part above the thumb wheels that look non-original.

Are the inlays and the logo on the pickguard like these easy to repaint when they are worn? This must be a very early one. That was going to be my next question about that first inlay. Thanks.


As it sits it looks all correct in every regard.

I would not touch any of the inlays or the steershead on the pick guard the steers head guard is cool as it’s not disintegrated. Great patina.

The inlays look quite good. If you score it enjoy it as it is Great American folk art.


If that is a screw then, no it doesn't belong there. Pic is too blurry to tell.


Serial 14059, makes it a '54.

As far as I can see on the blurry pics, the "screw" looks like a strap button added below the neck heel. For me, it is not positioned on the neck heel, but a tad below. On the 6th pic, the "screw" seen inside looks like the truss rod end to me, but we can't be sure without clearer pics.

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