Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Putting a date on a pair of Dynasonics?


A pair of Dynasonics
Dated in Toledo.
She wore her red underwire,
He wore his tuxedo.
She was high-impedance,
He was high-libido.
They necked, they bridged, she flipped his switch -
Let's say it heightened their albedo.

They got a little overwound,
The attraction was magnetic
And when he raised his polepiece
Her response was so galvanic
That folks from miles away
Say they saw the borealis
But science says "impossible!
It was just her hysteresis."

That's my pickup story,
It's tawdry but so true.
If you take out Dynasonics,
Don't let Ohm's law get you.


How long you been holding out with that one?


No holding out. Doggerl produced fresh daily.

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