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PSA: Amazing Condition 1959 Gretsch 6120 FS in Canada


At a nearby, vintage vendor (no affiliation), a beautiful, one owner 1959 6120 with original western strap and white cowboy case:

Just look at that original finish.

2's on hold... What a beauty!


Someone jumped on it quick, as it was only listed last night.


This is a nice one. Do you remember the price?


They were good to deal with...I bought one of my old Martins from them.


The listing only mentioned "Call for price".


Nice! 1960 model Serial is 33718 (from what I read zooming one of the pic)


Wow! That is incredible! Almost looks like someone bought it, took it home and never took it out of its case or played it.....


Nice! 1960 model Serial is 33718 (from what I read zooming one of the pic)

– Hepkat67

If you were able to see the S/N, perhaps you can add it to the guitar database. You don't have to be an owner of a guitar to add it. I have frequently added guitars that I have seen in various auction sites where I was able to clearly see the S/N.


Amazing. I didn't see any listing for the serial number, but late '59/early '60 looks right (PAF V-cut). Beautiful figuring and not too much flame. They mentioned that the pup rings fell apart and that they replaced them. My '59 Clipper was a closet queen for a while and came to me that way; it had just broken apart in the case. You can fix them if all the pieces are there; they (and the pickguards of '59 and later) are made of molded polystyrene plastic, just like the old Monogram model kits. Get a fresh tube of Testors model cement and a toothpick and you're good to go.

I really liked the way this shop presents their goods. There is a shop that posts only two well taken photos (sounds like Dumbo Sheep Muzak) and I'm always baffled that these places don't take full advantage of the web and post more pix.


Wow, I don't know if I've ever seen one in better condition.


Folkway is a great shop with amazing stuff. One thing they are not, however, is cheap. They price on the high end of fair for retail, but you are buying from a knowledgeable, reliable seller with an established clientele.


I have 33714, which is nearly exactly identical in appearance. I knew when I saw that one that it was a 337XX guitar.

Anyone know what was the asking price? It sold in a day, so it must have been cheap!


Take that pic, zoom and ...


I'd be interested in what the selling price is as well. When I check the serial number against my database this guitar (#33718) is listed as being Brian Setzer owned. Between the condition, the sexy looks and the provenance, I'd say this 6120 (a 1960 model year example) is a real score for somebody!


It is sold. Don't know how it could have been Brian Setzer owned, as:

"Brought to Folkway by the wife of its original owner, this 1959 Gretsch 6120 Chet Atkins might be the finest of its kind currently available."

Unless, Brian bought it when he was a year old.

Ed, call or email Folkway and ask what the price was; it couldn't hurt. Explain who you are and they may even give a more detailed history of the guitar.


My notes suggest that I got the info from but that was probably quite awhile ago, and I can't find the link to Brian's collection any longer. The photo I have for it appears to be a different guitar... but the OK card "seems" to show 33718.


Perhaps the number is 33719... or even 33712. Here's the actual photo I got from the site. Same photo but with some text added.


With photo enhancement, I am seeing serial # 33719 on that card in your photo. The very next one to our Folkway guitar.


With photo enhancement, I am seeing serial # 33719 on that card in your photo. The very next one to our Folkway guitar.

– MadScience

Well that explains this particular mystery... going to the optometrist soon!


I contacted Folkway and they wouldn’t tell me the price. Just

“Hello Josh,

Thank you for your email. This guitar has been sold. These guitars can sell between $10,000USD-$14,000USD depending on condition.



So probably 13-14K


Wow. Three incredible examples of the 337XX shown in the same thread. Add the Setzer Steve Miller guitar and one owned by Ed in the same batch makes 5 out of 50 pretty well documented. Stunning guitars. Just wanted to make a comment regarding @folkwaymusic. I became a customer of Folkway Music in the late 90's when the doors first opened here in Guelph, Ontario and the entire one man operation was not much bigger than a good sized walk in closet. Let's just say that you get what you pay for at Folkway. The best stuff is ...well the best and it's priced as one would expect. Players grade guitars will command players grade prices. Both types of guitars will work perfectly before they are offered for sale. Something that can not always be said for many dealers out there.

Picture is of a small sample of guitars that have found their way home with me from Folkway over the years. I also might add that the guitar now and for hereafter known as the "Folkway 6120" is the most spectacular Gretsch I have ever laid eyes/hands on. Like someone said the really good stuff does not hang around.

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