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PSA: 1956 Corvette


No affiliation, but I saw this guitar in the Old Pickin Parlor in Arvada Colorado. It is listed as a 1956 Electromatic Corvette for $1,200. However the shop suggested they could be flexible down to $900. I didn't play it, so can't give more detailed info. Looked nice though...


I saw Luther Dickinson tearing it up on one of those a few years back. Who needs a cutaway?


Kinda like their answer to the non cutaway ES-125 of same era


Kinda like their answer to the non cutaway ES-125 of same era

Absolutely! Luther has a 1956-7 Clipper model 6187; they're always confused with Corvettes as they are almost the same thing but the Corvette is closer to 3+" in depth whereas Clippers were 2.75" -- almost a budget Streamliner. Notice the trapeze tailpiece, but many of the Jag-tan Corvettes came with the G tailpiece (IIRC). Clippers usually had the 24.6" scale whereas Corvettes were around 25". As with all things Gretsch, exemptions to "the rules" prevail. The Corvette died out and gave way to the Clipper with it's "modern" slimmer body and by 1957 the Clipper gained a cutaway. Non-cutaway electrics simply died out and were considered dinosaurs from a production standpoint; Gretsch of course would make whatever you wanted, so I'm sure there were a few full-bodied electrics made. Ed Ball would know for sure.

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