Modern Gretsch Guitars



After seeing one of these at NAMM, and feeling the need for a flashy-looking but reasonably-priced acoustic to use on stage, I had my local Gretsch emporium (TrueTone Music in Santa Monica) order one for me. But it's been a busy few weeks, so I'd kinda forgotten about it. I almost bought an Electromatic I'd been eyeing but decided against it, then got an email saying "It's here!"

So yesterday I left work early (not just for this, the band had an audition out in Anaheim and when that was over, well, no point in going back to work, right?) and headed over there. It's pretty spectacular looking in person, and plays very nicely. Not a real cannon unplugged, but I tried it through one of the new Fender acoustic amps, a Henriksen Bud, and since it was in the car, I brought in my Quilter Frontliner cab with a Pro Block head. They all sounded great, especially the Henriksen, a marvel of engineering, possibly more good tone per cubic inch of amp than any other.

The techs there checked it out and said it played and sounded great, and nothing needed adjusting. The stock electronics are decent, and the built-in tuner is handy. Through a Radial PZ Pre, it's easy to dial in some great tone, so I'm ready for tonight's gig.

The only odd part was that they didn't have a case that would fit it, and none of the area GCs had any jumbo cases in stock. I found an inexpensive one on Amazon which they claim will get here today, hopefully before I have to leave for the gig.


Cool! I keep eyeing those gretsch acoustics.


Sweet one,Frank. Do you know if the 12 string version is available in black?


I normally don't like black and gold together, but it works really well on that guitar. Congrats, Frank.


To the best of my knowledge, this one is 6-string only, but if they come out with a 12-string version, I may be sorely tempted.


That looks sweet. I got to visit Tru Tone when I was on vacation in LA a few years ago and that place rules.


WHOA!!! Tear it up, Frank! That sounds great.


Nice, Frank. I'll be interested in how it does at the gig.


...and nice picking. It sounds great on the video.


Great playing! I like window shopping at TrueTone.


Is'nt it NGD for you every couple of weeks Giffen?

As usual , you make playing look very easy. Nice work.


Good catch by you, Frank! Congrats!


that's a pretty good acoustic sound at that price point. were you plugged straight into the bud? how much of the guitar sound would you say the mic picked up vs the amp sound? damn handsome, and the guitar isn't so bad either


That was some mighty-fine pickin', Frank! That Falcoln doesn't sound half bad. It should serve you well as a stage acoustic. Great choice!


Thanks to all for the kind words. In the video I'm plugged straight into the Henriksen, and it's on the floor at my feet. It's a pretty amazing little amp, and they were a little disappointed I didnt' take it home with me, too.

The guitar did fine last night at the gig:

I got stuck in traffic on the way there (in L.A., who knew?) and just had enough time to set up before showtime. So I skipped using the Radial PZ Pre and plugged it straight into the amp. Everyone thought it sounded good. I knew it could sound better, but no reason to bring that up. Could have used the notch filter in the PZ but I coped with it by not hitting the lower strings quite so hard.

Oh, and the case arrived today:

People often like to use the expression "FIts like a glove," and I guess this one does, too, but more like O. J.'s glove. But for $64, it's a pretty decent case. It fits better than the Guild jumbo-sized gig bag I was using,.

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