Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Pretty single anniversary


Almost like a refin 2 tone green ... sorta cool tho.


Bamboo/Copper mist, Right?


That guitar looks cool, beautiful color! And 'Two-Tone-Tan' is a great name for it.

I can imagine it looks even better in real life. I had the same experience with 'Jaguar Tan', in pictures they're okay, but in person it's really nice.


Rare finish for Anniversary ..


Yeah a cool guitar, somebody got a decent deal. If I didn't already have my convertible (which is my main guitar lately)and I hadn't filled my boots last 2 years with guitars I would've jumped on it. It looks like it was well played and hopefully will continue to be. I still think the offset tuners were hilarious. Did nobody else notice?


Yup. Six in a line Grovers, going upside down on the treble side was a real double take. Someone did get a good deal.


The tuners are funny, but... what about that control knob!? From a dimmer switch, or an air conditioning unit?


Decent deal for sure. The seller is close to us Philly folks.


I liked the volume knob! Shoulda bought it and sold something else! But then I'd've had to add another pickup etc etc..

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