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Post War Synchromatic


This guitar is beyond cool, needs a little help but way cool.



The sunburst on that guitar is super nice!


You're right Curt, that IS cool! I bet it's gonna sing when you're done working on it.


my local tech also got one in for a reset on the neck and maybe some fretwork. he's got it hanging right now because its waiting but man she sure looks purdy. good luck with the project


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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Hey Curt this will be fun to watch! Reminds me of mine. I love these old Burst.


Very cool Paul, thanks for posting the pictures, it'll make it easier when I attach the pickup. The owner seems to have lost the pickguard bracket, do you know of anything vintage around?



I can send you specs of this style if that's what it uses:

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As handy as you are I'm sure you can make these. If not I can try. I'm keeping this example for a future Gretsch. :D


I see it has no binding on the headstock like this:

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Has it got the "non-pressure" neck?

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Looks like you are having some fun Curt. Setzer- You always have cool guitars.


Paul... your guitar is a model 6014 (later to become the Corsair), while the guitar that Curt is working on is a late example Synchro 100.


Please excuse my ignorance, what's a non-pressure neck?

Paul, here's the pickguard, it mounts like a late model but thanks for the image and spec offer. Do you need a tracing of this guard?


Curt the "non-pressure" neck is the precursor to the Gretsch "miracle neck", which was a snazzier name for the same basic thing... the asymetrical profile of the Gretsch guitar neck, purported to be more ergonomic and comfortable to play. I actually agree!


They are nice necks.

Curt, yes I can always use a trace for my files

KC, do you recall what year we pegged mine as?


Paul... I put your 6014 at circa 1948/49. Up until recently it was the earliest example I'd documented, then I found one about 300 serial numbers earlier.


Cool Paul, I'll get it out this week.

Does anyone have an image and size for the side dots? It appears the marker side of the neck binding was replaced and they used large plastic dots, I want to make it right.


Wait a second....pre- which war?

– charlie frey

Wait a second....pre- which war?

– charlie chitlins

Korea.... If you read the wood / wire blog thingy I caught my mistake. If you look at the serial number chart in the serial number chart section, it looked like to me that this guitar fell into the pre WW2 build date. However it looks like it's a PW 1947 build.


Aw, says POST war! :P

– charlie frey

Aw, says POST war! :P

– charlie chitlins

You're not going nuts, I edited it.

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