Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Post War Catseye Synchro 160 PSA


Bridge and base is a repro too, albeit period correct. Tailpiece should also be the harp/chromatic. I agree on the Klusons.....Grovers in the early mid '40's IIFC. Needs a new fretboard by the looks of it. No clear shot of the neck joint. Most likely a carved top. Cheap enough sure, but not necessarily with the non-original parts and the price as always, depends on the neck situation.


Why does it need a new fretboard? Did I miss something? The board looks good. It has some cool grain in it though, maybe a bit of the sap wood.


That's an original bridge and base. The compensating part on the 3rd string is way more compensated than the modern units as they were originally built for a 26" scale. I'm not sure if this is a 26" scale but it could be. I'm pretty sure it's a lam top as the catalog makes no mentions of these having that and makes a big deal about the 300 and 400 as having solid wood. There should be a pencilled serial number next to a blue stamp "Gretsch Superstructure"

I've seen more than a couple of these with Klusons like this one, but I also see spare holes. There is some weird staining on the board.The ones I've tried were quite neck heavy and wanted to dive to the left. You could pick up a modern tailpiece until you find vintage and you'd have a good sounding vamp machine. These were going for $1.5K before '08 so this is a good buy.


Sealfasts are definitely kosher for this model. But you're right, there are extra holes. Maybe original tuners put back on.

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