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Picked up a Country Gent, have a few pics and questions


The mutes show up on eBay/Reverb now and again.


As previously discussed mute system placement was all over the place so be prepared to make some adjustments.


Hello, This is my first time here. Great site.

I took a chance on a Country Gent from GC Hollywood labeled as a 1967 but looked like maybe a 1964 model. Just got her home and did an initial inspection.

Perfect binding all around. I measure 5/64 at the 12the fret with bridge set almost flush. Unfortunately, no headstock plate (though I found a 1965 one online).

I am thinking this is a 1964:

Stair step tuners I believe to be 1963-64 feature. Supertron and Filtertron. Pots are 13764XX so, I think CTS 1964, rest is covered by solder. No serial on back of headstock.. Double mutes --though mute system is out. Bridge is not original and pinned

A few questions: Some of the rear screws for the plastic plate are missing. Also need escutcheon pins for the headplate I will add. Any specs or source for these? The back pad seems original but some gold wore off the piping and it is bright green underneath. Is this correct?

Any comments or feedback welcomed.

– Beanbake

Nice score. I have a 1964 CG that also has the imperial tuners stock and supertron in the neck position. My headstock plate serial number is #63869


I wonder if some people asked for those tuners as a "special order" item.


The stairstep Imperials are most likely period correct for your Gent. Gretsch catalog 32 (1965) shows a 6122 exactly like yours, Imperials with stairstep buttons, red felt mute knob washers and Super'Tron II in the neck position. The 1963 catalog (number 31) looks like your Gent as well, only with Filter'tron in the neck position.


I wonder if some people asked for those tuners as a "special order" item.

– Beanbake

I don't think so. It was just the natural evolution from '63 to '64 specs. The neck SuperTron came first, then the elephant ear buttons later. As Duojet55 points out, the '65 catalog illustration confirms that.


Nice Guitar!! You got this at the Hollywood GC? Boy, I haven't been in there in years. I use to be there alot when my friend Drew & Dave(the Burst Bros.) ran the Vintage Room. If you ever need any help with it., let me know as I've worked on alot of Gretsch stuff over the years and own a 1960 Gent and a 62 Country Club and a64 Country Club. I've had a lot of Gretsch guitars over the last 50+ years!

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