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Picked up a Country Gent, have a few pics and questions


Hello, This is my first time here. Great site.

I took a chance on a Country Gent from GC Hollywood labeled as a 1967 but looked like maybe a 1964 model. Just got her home and did an initial inspection.

Perfect binding all around. I measure 5/64 at the 12the fret with bridge set almost flush. Unfortunately, no headstock plate (though I found a 1965 one online).

I am thinking this is a 1964:

Stair step tuners I believe to be 1963-64 feature. Supertron and Filtertron. Pots are 13764XX so, I think CTS 1964, rest is covered by solder. No serial on back of headstock.. Double mutes --though mute system is out. Bridge is not original and pinned

A few questions: Some of the rear screws for the plastic plate are missing. Also need escutcheon pins for the headplate I will add. Any specs or source for these? The back pad seems original but some gold wore off the piping and it is bright green underneath. Is this correct?

Any comments or feedback welcomed.


Welcome aboard, Beanbake! That's a great git you got there. They'll be some smart folks along shortly to answer your questions.


Can you post a close up picture of the back of the headstock?


It does look like a '64 model year, at least to me. Where are the pots?!


I agree it's a '64 (or maybe '65), definitely not a '67. I'm curious about the tuners, whether they're original stairstep Imperials or modern ones (lots of '64-'65 Gents have had them added by George fans). I don't think I've ever spotted an original example of a '64 with stairstep Imperials and a neck SuperTron. The '65 catalog is the only time I've seen that combination.


Welcome to our addiction. She's Yummy! Congrats!


Here is a pic of the back of the headstock.


and here is one of the pots (they were removed when I took the first pic)


I'm tempted to de-solder the pot to see the week code....


Great looking guitar. I had a ‘64 that had a headstock plate with the serial number on it (77000), butter bean tuners, neck Super’Tron and dual flip mutes.

If those tuners turn out to be non-original and you choose to replace them make sure you let us know as a long-time member is on the lookout for a set of these.


The tuners are almost certainly originals. The modern versions almost always have clipped "ears," like a cat that's been caught/fixed/released, although there was briefly a modern version with the same footprint.


Yeah, those tuners are definitely vintage Imperials, presumably original to the guitar. I would say you have a rare example of the transition from '63 to '64 spec. Maybe Ed has documented other ones like it with the stairsteps and neck SuperTron?

Being a Beatle geek, I wouldn't be able to stop myself from swapping a FilterTron into the neck position to be fully George-spec.

Is the SN plaque just missing or was it never there?


The pots will only give a "no earlier than" date, but given the Beatles-inspired popularity of this model, they may be pretty close to the guitar's build date (unless it's actually pre-1964 -- see post above). Sometimes old guitar pots (especially Fenders) are several years older than the guitar.


The serial plate is missing. The holes are there. Bummer, but I can't complain as the rest of the guitar is pretty great. Many thanks for everyone's comments.


Well, a '65 plate will look at home on it. It looks kind of naked with nothing there.


Anyone know what year serial number 61879 is? I bought this a while ago with escutcheon pins.


Hey Duojet! That would be about right for this guitar, I think early 1964. Do you want to sell it?? I would be stoked to get a plate for my new baby!


Beanbake, the contact feature on the GDP is kind of hit-or-miss. Send me an e-mail message. duojet55 at att dot net.


Anyone know what year serial number 61879 is? I bought this a while ago with escutcheon pins.

– duojet55

The #618xx batch of Gents is a 1964 model year group. I've documented another from that group with pots dated August '64. That's also the batch where the 12-string custom Gent made for Chet originated from.


Now that I have a headstock plate (thanks Duojet) , just need some dual mutes for appearances if anybody has them. I have the plate 80116 coming if anyone is interested. $55 just to cover what I paid.

I measured the small screws for the plastic back plate. The seem to be:

flat head, brass Size #2 1/4 inch

I ordered from Part # 1872


The flip mutes were missing on mine too. I got replacements from either Black Rider (most likely), or possibly Parts is Parts.


I think parts is parts is a defunct website now.


I desoldered one pot for this guitar and it is 137-6437. So, Sept 1964.


So the replacement 618xx plate seems to fit the time frame

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