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The headstock shape on the Silver Jet looks kinda weird at the top. It's also been broken / repaired.


The headstock shape on the Silver Jet looks kinda weird at the top. It's also been broken / repaired.

– mugsy

Tuners are wonky on it, too.


Repaired headstock, replaced tuners, and possibly a refinish that involved some aggressive sanding (resulting in the back of the headstock appearing not to be totally flat). Still, that's the cheapest anybody is going to get into a vintage Silver Jet. That's one thing about GC. Other than their "Hollywood Vintage Room," they price vintage gear to move, not sit around for years.


I've checked that guitar out in person. It's a real sparkle jet (pretty sure a '63) that has had some major work done on it. Most notably there is a stripe of material that appears all the way down both sides of the neck, looks like perhaps there is a layer of carbon fiber installed under the fingerboard to stabilize the neck and keep it straight. It's not right under the fingerboard, the stripes appear about a 1/4" below the fingerboard. Might not be carbon fiber either, its kind of a yellowed ivory color and has a grain. Definitely a headstock break repair as well. The wiring looks to be at least partially replaced and the controls don't do what they are supposed to (the easiest part to fix). But the most noticeable thing is that I'm nearly certain the sparkle top is a sheet of modern sparkle wrap.. you can see one little grubby patch of the original sparkle material in an inaccesible spot under the fingerboard overhang. What's there now looks like a decent job but looks spankin new and the flakes are small. Refinished back and sides (again a decent job but pretty sure its poly), with yes, some aggressive sanding in spots. There is a label under the cavity cover and the model number is 6129 and the serial points to around 1963. The guitar feels good, is nice and light, needs further setup and rewiring but it sounds good and was fun to play, although with all that work one would think they could have refretted the thing and installed a bridge that sits at the right height and works with the Bigsby. Trussrod looked functional. I'm definitely no expert on the finer points of vintage Gretschdom so hopefully I'm not misrepresenting anything here. Unless somebody did the work themselves they dropped a lot on the repairs, either way there was a lot of work done on it. Not sure if you can price it based on perceived collectibility, or the value of the repair work done.. that said, much of the work to make this a fantastic utility instrument with a mega cachet of cool has been done and for the price of a new one you can get a heavily modified real-deal 60's jet that's got many stories to tell. Something you could further customize to your liking without wrecking the originality of one that's all spec. Was surely tempting on some alternate universe .. GAS pedal was hitting the floor just on the cool factor alone. Listing says it has a case but they couldn't find one for it.

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