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Period correct Bigsby for a ‘55 Roundup


Dudes. Long time, no see.

A good friend of mine has a Roundup (?) with the belt buckle tailpiece. He wants to swap it out for a Bigsby.

Which model on the market right now most closely matches what would be stock on an original example?

Thanks very much, in advance, for your input and advice.


Fixed-arm B3 would be the period correct Bigsby for a vintage ('54/55) Round-up, but that wouldn't be "stock" since the 6130 model was not offered with a Bigsby.


One of these would be ideal as they are vintage examples from the period. The modern versions of the fixed-arm B3 are different, but still the closest thing to correct for a vintage Round-Up.


Thanks very much, Ed.


My '55 6121 has a Bigsby B3GBVN Vibrato Tailpiece.

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