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Paul Pigat on an AstroJet



Was ogling an AstroJet body and saw a video clip of someone familiar playing Mr. Sandman. I think the AJ is a mod/custom as it has 3 pickups and Bigsby. Must weigh a ton.


I'm pretty sure Will would chime in soon. It's His one.


Eastwood makes an Astro now ?


That belongs to fellow GDP member Will. He and that lovely astrojet reside in the Netherlands


This video?

Yep, it's in the database!

And thank you (and Paul, of course!), it's the Astro i bought from DCBirdman. It already had three pu-holes and the (Gretsch!) Bigsby on it when i bought it. I put three Supertrons in 'm and added a Chet-arm. It is heavy, but it's a wonderful instrument. Hopefully Paul will come and visit and play the guitar again.

For some shameless selfpromotion: in the meantime, Paul and his band did visit again and recorded 'The Dutch Sessions', although that was completely on an old Eko-guitar and on tape.


We recorded our Dutch Sessions cd at his place


Haha, great minds think and type alike!


Right I remember that -- I had gotten it off ebay, already routed for 3 pickups... I had it done in red (had been sanded down) and put the Bigs on and of course I put HiLo Trons on it.

So pleased to see it's still on the scene, about 10 years later. Now with CITES messing up the scene, I doubt that deal could go down again at this point in time.

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