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Paging Frequent Flyer 909


Great googly moogly! Sell all your stuff and get this!


There's been a little messing with it, with the knob and switch having swapped location, and clear pickguard. And Abalone is not know for being shy with prices. But still. Not a lot of chances to score a lefty '54 Roundup.


The Bachman-Gretsch collection has one too!


Upon closer scrutiny... the Bachman lefty 6130 has the same odd knob/switch anomaly.


The Bachman-Gretsch collection has one too!

– kc_eddie_b

Same one! Note the knob and switch.

So, the original guard was back-painted clear celluloid. You can see it was already starting to disintegrate. That makes the clear replacement less irritating, since all you have to do is paint it versus trying to replicate a tortoise steer head guard.

And it perplexes me when I see a rare and valuable guitar like this that has gone for years without anybody bothering to get something as simple as fakakta electronics.


A little cross posting there.


The Bachman-Gretsch collection has one too!

– kc_eddie_b

Paul and I stood reverently, as one would, in front of those. That exhibit, all of it, felt a bit like being in a very special place (I edited out Holy, because it seemed irreverent.)


Lordy me, if I were a (true) leftie I’d be all over this.


Eric always has nice pieces but his personality keeps me from really considering a purchase from him.

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