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Hi Folks, I am repairing a stand up bass in exchange for an old, I think 1947 Gretsch cutaway archtop. The neck has been changed out with a nondescript imported neck. I would like to know what I'm getting, and also I will need a neck or specs to make one. The serial number is penciled inside the guitar 20X19X22E and in the other F-hole is penciled the number 258 circled. I will be happy to learn anything about this guitar. Thanks, Rob


Well... it's hard to tell much from your description. But there were not any cutaway models in the Gretsch line-up until 1951. If this is an acoustic archtop (no pu's) then it would be even later than that.

The 20X19X22E doesn't have any Gretsch precedent. The 258 "could" be a serial number, but without knowing the model, it doesn't tell us anything.

Got a photo?


Yeah I have photos in my email. Can I forward the email?


curious..... love to see the pics


Here's the guitar in question. I'm not of the opinion it's a Gretsch, but perhaps one of you guys will recognize it's contours and f-hole shape.


Premier/Stewart branded United body and possibly neck as well. These were also the bodies used for D'Angelico laminated guitars(but with a real handmade D'A neck)

Here's an old pic of mine. I have the correct tailpiece now.


Wow, Now I am a little confused, We're pretty sure she's not Gretsch, I saw Kay, and Stewart. Can it be pinned down by the serial numbers? I haven't recieved the guitar yet, and I'm interested in her potential value. Thanks alot for your response. I've been wanting to own a Gretsch for a long time. Oh well. Rob


Frankly, first thing that crossed my mind when i saw the photo was that the shape and f-holes looked like a Hofner, but they tend to have pretty distinctive backs.


HERES A LINK to the United bodied D'A's.

Rob, these are not very collectable, I've seen some clean ones(that have new binding as they all rot) that I seem to remember selling for maybe $750.00 Typically beat up ones that are complete and play go for like $300 to $600 The D'Angelico branded ones can go for some big money.


Thanks, Did the D'A's have Bigsby's? I read that there were no serial numbers on their laminated bodies. Now I'm wondering whose number is inside. Yeah big $ for the D'A's I wonder if they built any blonde ones?


No, the D'As never had Bigsbys. And the Stewart branded Uniteds came in blond, and I think that is what you have there.


The D'Angelico branded ones can go for some big money.

yes but this isnt. I'd say without any parts it is worth ~$300, of which half is the value of the bigsby (presuming it is an old one).

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