Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Odd Looking Supertron


I've owned several Supertron pups over the years, but cant say I've seen one with a bottom plate like this. Seller says it's from a 1967 Gent.


Maybe it's a non-original bottom plate, looks brass I haven't seen one like that either though I've only seen a few. The last ones I saw were out of a 67 Viking and didn't look like that


Off hand I'd say either that you have a rare prototype or someone manufactured a replacement that they cut out of sheet metal.


Same here. Never seen one like that before. But I also haven't seen all that many.


The bottom piece looks to be stamped by a machine indicating it was likely factory made. Which factory is the question. It doesn't seem to fit the cover as well as it should. The magnet and coil structure looks to be correct, so maybe the base was someone's makeshift replacement---a bodge, as the British would call it.


Is that a leftover price label? Otherwise: If it comes from a guitar this way why is the mounting hole covered?

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