Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NOS strings


Make sure you check out the rest of his stuff.


Notice that the gauge is "regular"! That was pre-Ernie Ball.


Yeah, always entertaining to browse lawman-mike's offerings. Judging from the pricing, he's mighty proud of his parts-weaseled stuff. I suppose some of it sells, but you can't help thinking it will all end up going in 1.00 and 2.00 lots at a local estate auction someday.


How well were they sealed all those years? I don't remember liking those strings, but I did like the containers. In '67, I filled one with oil & colored beads, and had a little motor that rotated it in a slide projector, which was backstage behind a white backdrop. I thought that was pretty slick for someone who didn't do drugs.


Aren’t the strings going to be pretty badly corroded?


Aren’t the strings going to be pretty badly corroded?


I guess that depends upon how they were wrapped and stored.

I used this set for years without any problems.

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