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NOS maple tops?


Hey guys, did any of you buy any of the NOS Gretsch solid body sizes maple tops that were on eBay a while back? I am looking for one for a vintage project. Hit me up if you have an extra one to sell.


Hey Joe, just curious, are you talking about the guy from Atlanta on ebay selling 70s Gretsch & Bigsby NOS and modern reject parts? The jet tops he sold had a seam down the middle of the top veneer. Is that what you're looking for?


Yes, that is what I am was thinking of. I didn’t realize they had a center seam. Do you have one?


A guy on EBay with the seller name himonwry has or had some 70’s tops and lots of Bigsby stuff.


John and Bryan, I reached out to him. He is checking to see if he has any more of the smaller size tops. Would like to try to find one to use on the 6121 or as a template to make a mold to make my own pressed top for it. Short of that, the guitar will get plugs instead.


Still looking for one of these. Let me know if you have a spare.

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