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NOS Gent ??


Hey Birdman, if you click on "Full Description" it'll take you to several other photos etc.


But it hardly looks like "New Old Stock," does it?

Looks good, but in no way like a new guitar.


It says the seller has all kinds of NOS brands but if you look at his other items for sale, you don’t see any more guitars just mostly sports shoes. I ain’t buying it either. Let’s entertain the possibility that it is NOS then this guy didn’t do a very good job keeping her like new either.


Looks like it is in good condition but has normal play wear. Missing some gold, a cracked surround. All the usual stuff. This definitely didn't come out of the factory box which is what NOS means.


It's better looking than most examples but even if it were NOS, IMO it isn't worth half the asking price, and there's no mention of the mint case to go with it.


NOS? More like BS. Someone has been sniffing binding-rot fumes.....


He has to be fishin' for one of PT Barnum's favorite customers.


Decent shape. Not perfect, a little better than mine, but no way it's NOS.


And notice how the stain finish on the front of the guitar is oxidized out due to exposure to the sun whereas the stain finish on the back of the guitar is much darker.... Just plain BS being peddled here


I did miss the other pix like a dope but the experts have weighed in. Anyone care to guess IF it were a NOS, no off gassing issues, just like the day it went in the case in Brooklyn item what it would go for ?


Let me first say, I a not afiliated with the seller and actually don’t recognize his name either. But the story is quite likely completely true. I believe this is the stock left over from a Music Store near where I used to live. The store was open during the heyday of rock n roll through the late 90s. There was tons of inventory even in the 90s that was from the 60s. Much was dusty and dirty etc. BUT... upstairs, the owner had hundreds of guitars still in the boxes not open. He would not let you upstairs, but if you asked for a specific model guitar (tons of Gretsch guitars) he would grab one in the box and bring it down. This was in the 90s that I saw quite a few new in box guitars from mid-late 60s there. The store is still there full of gear, but the doors have not been opened to the public for years. The owner would not sell the inventory or store as one lot. Only one piece at a time. He would also not tolerate tire kickers. So if you didn’t buy from him once or twice, chances are he would not share the good stuff. I would drop in there as often as I could trying to score old project guitars, but the guy new his stuff and it wasn’t cheap.

At one point when I started researching serial numbers, I tired to connect with that store, but they never returned my messages. Pretty much private just like back in the

The story matches what I have personally witnessed from the music store not to far from where the seller is located. I am guess the owner of the shop is gone now or very elderly at this time. So this could be the liquidation of assets etc.

The guitars are most likely true NOS but don’t forget they have been boxed and sealed for 50 years. The finishes have sunk into the wood, the binding may have some rot as they were in the sealed cases etc. But if NOS and NIB are real words, the it describes these guitars.

At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.


Reading through his other ads, I am certain this is the same place mentioned in my post above. Music store was called Ziegler’s music store in Aurora IL. I see the sticker he placed on the headstock of the two Gretsch for sale. These appear to have been out of the box as I the fronts are faded. But I understand his upstairs was more storage than showroom.

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