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nickel hardware


This may be a supremely stupid question but did Gretsch always use chrome hardware on their guitars that didn't use gold parts or did some have nickel? Just wondering if the aftermarket nickel parts you can get now are just a recent thing.


Nickel plating was around long before chrome plating was common. In fact, things need to be plated with nickel before the chrome goes on. Some find nickel to be "warmer" looking. The aftermarket is just trying to offer what people want.


My '59 Jet has chrome parts. I bought a spare set of same era Waverly tuners just for the day I have to replace something. I was surprised to see those are nickel.


curious about this to. my hunch is they only did chrome as it adds to the sorta flash of the gretsch aesthetic but I would also not be surprised if I am wrong.


I see things for sale like Bigsby units described as being nickel when they aren't.


My friend had a 90's Duo Jet with all nickel parts which i thought was unusual. I assumed they would only have been doing chrome and gold in the 90s

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