Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Nice 1958 transition model


And with one of the most reasonable sellers. There's a lot of nicely priced stuff out there tempting me lately.


Nice move Frank! Another fine Gretsch to a member here.


Congrats. Now remember the pics or it didn’t happen rule! Also, please add it to the registry. Thanks


Fabulous. Congrats!


I love to see someone get a deal from a post on the GDP.

Congrats on a lovely guitar.


Wow! Nice score. Play 'er in good health!


I've got a question on the cases that came with the 6120s in 1958. The one I just bought from Elderly comes with the standard hardshell snowflake case, while the one I was watching on Reverb (see the link above), comes with the cowboy case. Were both these cases available or optional on a 6120 purchase in 1958, or is something incorrect with one of these? Bye the way, these two guitars are just 45 serial numbers apart, the one from Elderly Instruments being the earlier of the two!


Cases were always an option - the cowboy case being the most expensive. The snowflake case was being phased out in '58/9 in favor of the silver thread case.


I'm a fan of the snowflake cases. Nice one, congrats!


Thanks so much for bringing this instrument to my attention ... I just bought it. You saved me a good eight grand over the one I was watching for the last few months on Reverb. Here's the link: range" rel="nofollow">

– Frank Hurn

My pleasure! But as you know, technically your guitar is now mine at 50%

Play it loud and proud and please share pics!

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