Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NGD Delivered - 1961 6120


Very nice light trestle bracing. Very pleased


Great looking guitar. Is this the iteration with a 2.25" body depth?



What’s not to like? Congrats! She’s a looker.


Slimmest single cut 6120. after this they turned into the electrotones but I have seen 62 single cuts, perhaps Ed could confirm that. 2.25 inches body depth.


This ones smokin.........literally. As you can see it's got a bit of fire damage.


Burnt on back but not through the wood.


Needs a bar bridge. Rest is original. Fire branding makes this a total one off. Steven stern would want over £10,000 at least for a one off like this. Plays like a dream and I got a complete bargain on this. Guy even threw the 1962 Bassman in as well. RESULT


So you bought it,congrats Andrew!

What does the rebinding really look like ?


It's really fine. Not perfect. But it's not a collectors piece it's a player. Cost the same as a new japanese falcon. Bargain. The binding looks worse in the pics he put on EBay. Here's one. It's worse on the back than the front. I can get it sorted but tbh it doesn't bother me at all.


Easy refin on the back if that's your thing. Not mine though


Dang. That's a nice score and a bassman, too. Congrats!


Burnt on back but not through the wood.

– gretschcrush

This just gives this ol' gal character! She's lived through the war and came out the other side ready to carry on! Toxo will love this!


Edges all rubbed down. Easy enough to take the binding off. My man Crockett could sort it easily. But that takes away it's uniqueness. It's a survivor and it's got it's genuine scars to prove it. IMO it's the ultimate relic. A genuine BROOKLYN relic.

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