Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NGD: ‘69 Gent in Rally Green… and Left-Handed


Very, very cool guitar!!


Near-Army Green Rally.


– Frequent Flyer 909

Looks like my old one


Here's the basket-case-turned-beauty-queen, in Ivory and Gray Metallic.



Another, later photo, dressed up in its pickguard and a gold Bigsby (since returned to aluminum).



Here's what it looked like when I acquired it in 2008. It was originally right-handed (note the position of the thumbnail inlays) and had a right-handed (that's right) Bigsby: the spring cup was sawed off the tailpiece and bolted to the body, and the handle was flipped over and screwed to the hinge. It kinda worked, but I kinda got rid of it. Also, a poorly-repaired headstock break and a not-very-good-enough black refin. Worn frets and hardware.



Hey, howzabout a 3/4 angle view showing off the metallic grey and ivory? My Clippers' grey turned green and I always get a kick seeing that color combo.


The Platinum Gray always seems to photograph darker than it is, even in natural light (like this).

The Ivory here is not Lotus Ivory. The idea was that the top would be that color, but when we sought to sort out what color Lotus Ivory actually is, we realized that 1.) no formula had survived the decades to guide mixing; 2.) old photographs of guitars finished in that color had discolored over the years, and 3.) old guitars finished in that color had yellowed, too. So we could not know. I opted for an ivory that I did know and liked: Palm Beach Ivory, which was a color that Kaiser Motors used on their cars in the '50s. It isn't as yellow as it appears in the photo. It's just yellow enough.


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