Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NGD 54/55 6120


He bought this new in 55' when he was about 17.

This came with the guitar from his funeral. I have a typewritten song from him on his letterhead. Looks to be 50s. Ill scan that soon as well.

But this is is great. When I pass on Id love a obituary like this one. Me with a 6120 in hand. Wow.

– Gasmoney

I'd call that solid provenance! Amazing!


Awesome, Fred!

This goes to show that in many respects, we aren't owners of our guitar collections, but rather curators.


Fantastic that this beauty of a guitar found its way to you Fred. Congrats!


Sooo, this means you're selling off the dark orange '57?


Wowsers Fred, she's a beauty, congrats... you sure can find them!


Wow that's really beautiful! And very cool paperwork to go with it, you scored bigtime!

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