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NGD! 1957 Rambler


Thanks to DrMilktruck and a super easy transaction this beauty of a guitar landed in my lap today. A 1957 Rambler. I’m discovering the joys of playing a 3/4 size guitar. It’s a huge change from my 16” Streamliner and 17” Kay Upbeat...but I’m digging it in a major way. I posted this pic on Instagram earlier this evening...bonding with the Rambler and celebrating the new addition to the family with a bottle of Rockabilly Red. Good times!!!


Great new score! It makes my worry that you might want your (my) old Duojet back a bit less! I would have a hard time giving it up!


Congrats! I really need a Rambler one day, they are so unique and cool.


Congratulations!! Please post more pictures.....!

Have a wonderful time with your Rambler! I have often wished Gretsch would reissue the model.....


Looks like a perfect evening! Enjoy being a Ramblin' Man!

Pleasure doing business with you.


Sweet! I've always thought those are so cool.


Enjoy your new guitar! More pictures please?


Thanks guys....glad y’all dig the Rambler. Here are a few more pics.

First with her older sister.


...and with the original Gretsch guarantee and pristine snowflake case.


These are fun little beasties -- really could be called a Mono Jet. The slightly slimmer f-holes are are beautiful and should be used on more Gretsch designs. IIRC some other company is using the name Rambler for their travel guitars so Gretsch may have problems doing a re-issue. If the scale were a teensy bit longer (24") I would have kept mine.


Some guitars are cute. This is one of them. I bet it sounds killer! Congrats.


The 57 Rambler made her debut on the Vancouver Rockabilly scene tonight. We played a show at a local saloon and both the Rambler and my 58 Kay Upbeat were fantastic workhorses. Was a little strange switching between the huge Kay and the diminutive Rambler...but so much fun playing both.


...just before the show. Very cool venue.


Glad you made good use of the little guitar!


Congrats on that supercool guitar! I hope to find one in Europe someday.


So cool that it found a good home, enjoy !


Quick update. A 5 minute ‘restoration’ today brought my little Rambler back to factory specs. The red paper/card which was glued underneath the ‘G’ cut-out on the tailpiece on these Ramblers when new was missing on this guitar. A quick trip to my local craft store and $2 spent on a square of vinyl which perfectly matched the red of the truss rod cover was all it needed. A small rectangle of vinyl taped to the back of the tailpiece and Bingo!

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