Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NGD— 1942 Synchrolicious!


I'd say that would be right Rob. Pre-war Synchro 100.

These things are so great. I kick myself for not buying knavel's but the timing was just bad for me.


Rob... I appreciate your interest in getting this model attribution right. I've got a ton data on this era and the Synchro guitar line, but they pre-date the period that my books are associated to, so threads like this as well as the GDP database are the primary place that we can begin to bring clarity to the Gretsch fog of the pre-Golden Era period.


Here another stab at the Red River Dave ad text... more legible? (Dec. '46 ad)


One other thing worth pointing out with both our guitars, Rob is that ours have the prettiest tortoiseshell binding ever made!! The other pics showing a tort binding shows a color so dark it almost looks black. Same with tort guards, both vintage and recent.

– Windsordave

I agree... best binding ever!


In that case, I'm moving mine to the "100" category. Thanks Ed, for all the clarification on this somewhat confusing issue.

– Tartan Phantom

Okay, I'll move mine to the 100 category too. I do hope this thread has pic'd the interest of members other than the fellows with you at Carters, enough to begin looking for one of these guitars.

The first time I played mine out of the house was for a get-together thrown by Blue Dog Guitars for their customers so there were a lot of good guitar players in attendance. My Synchro sure got a lot of interest after everyone played. It suited every style the guys played on it and most couldn't believe the volume and tone it produced.


Nice guitar, Tartan Phantom. User it with joy!



Lucky man! It was great hanging with you in Nashville!


Wow, how could I have missed this? That's a beauty! Congratulations, Rob!


Rob, that old girl projects sound really well. Nice score, and you never stopped smiling whenever you held it.

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