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Needed ASAP pic under truss rod cover of square rod


I’m at my shop working on the 1955 jet headstock. I need a picture of a Gretsch with the cover off a square truss rod so I can see the shape of the opening. Thanks in advance


Thanks Ed that helps a lot. Just updated my 6121 post.

If others have some pics of square truss rods, I’d like to see them.


Thanks. So there is no wood between the nut and truss rod end.


No, on the three I’ve had the board off they all look like this one.



– Curt Wilson

The '54/5 Electro I had had the square truss rod and the adjustments were very quick and responsive under full tension. Does that have anything to do with these two brass whatever-they-are thingys? Also, does the rod go all the way through the brass things?


Yes and yes. It’s actually a great design and functions kind of like a dual action rod. Not exactly, but similar. There Is another brass nut at the other end too.



I didn’t study the truss rod to any real detail while I had the fingerboard off, but it appears to have lefthand top threaded nuts and a righthand bottom nut. As you turn the rod counter clockwise, the rod pulls the top and bottom nuts towards each other. As you turn the rod, clock wise, it pushes the top and bottom nuts away from each other. Without the fingerboard on, it could put up bow and back bow in the neck. Now that I know the design, I will have to try it with pressure on it to see if it will do the same like a modern two way rod.

@Curt thanks for the pictures. That is about where I was yesterday with the fingerboard off. I have a beautiful set of pat-pend Grover’s I want to put on this project. That picture really helps me visualize it.


Yep left handed threads and you need a skate key to adjust.


I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who found these t work well. I've heard them disparaged over the years, but the few times I've owned a Gretsch with the square rod, it always adjusted well.


Very interesting


Nice pictures. Thanks

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