Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Need help identifying guitar


I took a look at the guitar again. It looks like the color of the soundboard is dark all the way through, unless they stained both sides before assembly. The grain doesn't really look like spruce but it's not ridiculously off from some of the spruce tops I've come across.

The guitar measures 14 3/8 at the widest point of the body.


Also, the crack in the picture is just a slight separation of one of the pieces of wood that make up the top. If someone has attempted to repair it, they didn't use a cleat so I think it's just a flaw that no one has addressed. Once I figure out what kind of wood the top actually is, I'll cleat it so it doesn't get any worse.


Here’s one

– Johnson

I don't know the model, but I think it is a high-quality and reliable material and I like its color. I'd like to choose something similar for myself. I have looked at the reviews of many guitars on this page. I liked some options, but the price stops me. Since I'm just learning, I'm not ready to pay that kind of money for a guitar. Although I have plans to have some of these great models in the future.

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