Vintage Gretsch Guitars

NBD finally


The TK 300 bass from the Lost Weekend dude got here. Damn, 10 pounds! Needs cleaning and full setup but otherwise good shape. BirdMan Theory holds that only 1 of 4 TK-300 guitars and basses were red stain, and you rarely see these with the bridge cover. Am thinking about a Pickguardian w/b/w white/green tint guard. This one has some discoloration. Might tweak up w chrome G knobs also. Stay tuned for updates.


I was thinking a gold anodized guard would look great with the burgundy but might clash with chrome. Maybe a silver/metalflake guard?


Looks fantastic as is. Congratulations!


Gretsch or Gretzky?


Looks great. You know I'm a fan! Best headstock gretsch ever made.


Any news regarding the seller's Gretsch website content?


I think Baxter knows what's happening with that site... it needs to be preserved/saved. My financial situation states I may not be able to keep this one.... I have too many Demented Projects going at the moment.

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