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My second “Killer” Corsair 1958 6014


After really liking my first non cutaway Corsair I got this 58 single cutaway version. Wow what a great playing guitar and the tone is amazing. A real peach. Here's some pics


Wow, that really does look nice and clean. Congrats!


Striking condition!! Lovely cutaway.....& with no hand-catcher! Gretsch got it right by '58 it appears. Congrats on a great find!


Thanks. Can't believe the tone on this guitar. It's a marvel


It doesn't have any pickups.


Please add this guitar to the GDP database Andrew... these types of guitars are under represented there!

Is that a wire I see in the bass side F-hole??


What a hottie! Love it! What gauge/kind of strings are you using on it?


@Kc - yes it's got a pickup inside. I'm using 10s Flatwound


That is a pretty guitar. Congratulations.


Cool! How thick are the body?


Wow! 60 years old and truly mint. The grain in the top looks like spruce; is it a carved solid top or laminated?


Beautiful Guitar. "Killer Build" is right. I love that gold guard on the old Sun Burst's. Paul is going to make me one for my newest 6182 project, can't wait.


Maple back, carved spruce top. 3.5" body depth. Booms


Action is 2.5mm at 12th fret. Were these supposed "budget" guitars? It sure doesn't feel or sound like a cheapo. Great jazzer


Bound maple 2 piece neck with rosewood board.


Corsairs were a step up from the New Yorker -- bound fingerboard, adjustable truss rod and new for '58, a cutaway. The white-button Waverly tuners were usually put on the lower-end models like New Yorkers and Clippers but I think they look kind of snazzy. Should be a laminate top. Check the inside to match the grain to the top. The next most expensive is the 17" Constellation which also had a lam top, not that there's anything wrong with that. You got a really clean and original one - congrats.

Edit: There is a thread from a couple years ago when I spotted the '57/8 transitions from humplock/full-body to neo/cutaway went through three batches with a mix of features. I don't think we ever spotted one with humpblocks and a cutaway tho'.

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