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My Guitar Fixed

Scheduled delivery: Tuesday 4/30/2019 by end of day LABEL CREATED From: Hopewell, NJ US

I will not get it until Wednesday.

I’m exceptionally excited, it has been many years since the guitar was in playable condition.

I’ve owned the guitar for about 25 years. After about a month of owning it, the first little bit of binding came off near the strap button. I had it repaired but that and a bit more came off a few months later.

I asked the guy I trust the most around here about rebinding the guitar, but he didn’t think he could do it, and the techs he suggested were all people I’ve had poor experiences with.

Many years later, when the binding on the front was missing up to the top of the lower bout, I took it to the tech who had put together my Telecaster. He was new, had good training, had done pretty well on a few jobs I had him do.

I think that was about when I joined the how many years ago? 7.5. UFB.

He had it long enough to get married, have a child and start a job at the local music store. Then he decided it was too much for him.

He hadn’t done very much in all that time, he had removed several layers of binding from the back [see above].

He offered to send it to the guy he had apprenticed with in Calgary, I can’t remember the name, but he has a very good reputation.

There’s a builder in town whose shop did very good work on my Epiphone, and I would probably get him to do the job now, but back then I didn’t have an evaluation of his work.

But I had read enough about Curt and his expertise in this exact area that I knew I wanted him to the do the job. I had an ATA case made for the guitar and shipped it off to him, right at Christmas one year.

Due to unforeseen circumstances and poor timing, Curt has had the guitar for a while as well, but it’s on its way home now!


Happier days of 2.4Gb cameras and about 1.5” of binding rot [between stand and strap].


Nice case, but probably don’t give these guys your credit card number.


Nice case, but probably don’t give these guys your credit card number.

– hammerhands

There's a story in itself.

Trust no one, but don't make a big deal out of it.

Your guitar's looking great!


Per my experience -- and a LOT of other peoples' experiences -- you will be ecstatic when you guitar gets back home! The man is simply The Best!


Yeah it’s been a stupid long time, no excuse.


Beautiful guitar. Nice work, Curt


Beautiful guitar. Nice work, Curt


Beautiful guitar. Nice work, Curt


How long do you think that felt will last on the mute?

I think I had one on there until the first time I cleaned it, somehow whatever I used got in the felt and unglued it.

And then the piece was lost in minutes. It was there and then I looked down and it was gone, never to be seen again.

I think it got mistaken for dryer lint.


OK, let's see, a beautiful old dog of a Country Club, a blackface Deluxe, and one of BZ's reverb units....Do you think it'll sound OK? Wow! Congratulations! I wish I could be there to hear thiat rig cranked up. Any gigs booked here in Toronto?


It’s great to see it together again. Thanks Curt.

I can hardly wait to hold the neck.


Cool! It looks just like the 64 Club I rebound and refinished. That is a lovely colour!


wow that's a cool guitar, and great work CW!


The people on this forum shall forever impress me. Curt is Da Man!


I'm very happy for you hammerhands, what a saga.


Bloody hell that's beautiful.

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