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My 1960, #6122 Country Gent! Volume Pot Info!


It should be here by the end of the week! Really looking forward to it. I don't know when or why the original board was replaced.. It's a mystery! Curt said they must have used something other than Hide glue as it was very hard for him to remove the board.. Thanks Curt!! You Da' Best!


Yup, I sho’ is! Looking forward to having it back. It got hijacked by the COVID-19 and nobody could work... I sent it to Curt the latter part of February and unfortunately he couldn’t do anything until May as the lovely State of New Joisey made him close... But the end result is amazing!


Rumor has it that this guy Curt knows a thing or two about fixing stuff and does a pretty decent job........!!!!

The man is truly a gifted artist!


Toneman, that sure is a nice old Country Gentleman guitar you have there! Seein's how you done had Curt do all that work on it I am prepared to offer you $60.00 and that includes shipping!! Naw, jis kiddin'!!! But hey, do you have any videos or Soundcloud clips of you playing this guitar? I would sure like to hear how it sounds. I have drooled over a-many of these old Gretsches over the years and I gotta tell ya yours is about the purdiest ones I've ever seen!! And now with the ol' Curt magic all over it's gotta be a great guitar. You just have to be as giddy as a cockroach on a honeybun! Please play sumpthin' for all us folks! Thanks, Steve


Steve; Hi! No, I don't have any videos yet. I had it for a 3 months before I sent it to Curt. It's a guitar I've wanted for 50 years ever since I played one of Stephen Stills' Gents back in 1970/71. His was probably slightly newer than mine as his had the white outline around the fake F-hole decals and it was also Tennessean Red. Between 1958-1960 Gretsch only made around 250 of these. Mine is from the same batch as Hark Marvin's(The Shadows). My friend Neal Moser (who co-founded the original BC Rich Guitars with Bernie Rico)use to work on Stephens guitars and that allowed me the luxury of playing his two and also a 3-pickup Les Paul Custom from the `50's of his. I'm really looking forward to getting it back as the sound and tone of the guitar was among the best of all the Gretsches I've played over the last 50 years. I love to gig with them and record with them. They're really somethin'


That's a beauty Don,may you have years of enjoyment from it sir.


Thank You! I'm suppose to be playing a small gig this weekend with Ron Coleman who was the bass player for The Everly Bros. for about 25 years. He was also with Albert Lee. So hoping to give it a good workout!


Looks like it’s in good hands. Congrats. Let us know how the gig goes.


FedEx in any form is a long drive from the shop.


If an SUV can't haul a single guitar, it's time to drive that thing off a cliff and get 1970's Chevy Suburban.


also, It wouldn't fit...

– Curt Wilson

You’re a brave man parking a convertible with the top down. The last time I did that birds had target practice .


Curt - Is that a Fiat 124 Spider?


Curt - Is that a Fiat 124 Spider?

– Hoot Owl

Triumph TR6.


Love it! Sounds great too!

Here is my Italian Job!


Nice car, is that the Graduate edition?


The end of British Layland, the TR7.


Love it! Sounds great too!

Here is my Italian Job!

– Hoot Owl

2000 Spyder? Those bumpers don't look like the Duetto (from The Graduate).


1971 1750 Spider. This has the Kammtail. They only imported this engine for one year. The 1969 Duetto had a 1600 engine and the 1972 and beyond had a 2000 engine (there were no 1970 models imported, due to not meeting the emission standards).

This also has the European style Carello headlight covers. It's a great car. We got it in early eighties.

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