Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Monkees 12-String ?


Looks like a regular 6075-12 with a Monkees guard. Still cool tho.


That's rougher then a bear's ass, though I'd like to own that pickguard


If memory serves a lot of those pick guards were removed by guitar players who didn't want to be associated with the Monkees.


I suspect DCBirdman and the OP are correct: I don't think a Gretsch 12-string of that era was marketed as a Monkees' guitar.
Nesmith did occasionally use a sunburst 12-string not only on the show but also live. However, his primary Gretsch 12-string was a blonde version.


Had a nice 6075 for a while.

I think the blond Nesmith 12, he used a lot until stolen -- and he still would like it back.


Yes, his original blonde 12 was stolen from Red Rhodes' shop in LA circa 1970. He's expressed his desire to have it back but alas...

His current Gretsch 12 is a blonde Country Classic circa 1996.


That's a 6075 12 String, not a Monkees 12 String. Someone got hold of a Monkees guard and added it. The original was plain gold with "GRETSCH" logo. Gretsch6123, I'm with you...I'd love to have the pickguard off of it!


Nesmith's 12 strings were custom made by Gretsch for him as they were 17 inch Viking bodies and the 6075 12 string has a 16 inch body. The seller also states this guitar is a 1969 but the knurled knobs say it dates before June 1, 1967 when Gretsch was sold to Baldwin and Baldwin's first move was to ditch the knurled knobs for die cast aluminum knobs with a "G" silk screened on them.


I just got done rebinding the fingerboard on my 6075 and was comparing it to the one offered for sale. Although mine had it's serial number chipped off, I'd be willing to bet both guitars were probably manufactured in the same batch. Mine has severe finish failure along the bottom edge as well as a few other places similar to the seller's. Still, it's in solid structural condition.

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