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Mike Campbell’s Mystery Gretsch


Interview in Guitarist magazine this month with Mike Campbell about his various guitars.

Here's his mystery Gretsch, a Clipper fitted with another pickup and painted baby blue. Most famously played on Won't Back Down.


Here is a clip of him using a 1959 stereo Falcon on that same song.


And here is another rendition of I Won't Back Down where he is playing an older Gretsch, but I can't see it well enough to see what model it is.


If I had to guess, it was probably bought at the old Melody Music


I watched a TV show once, maybe from a link provided here, where his guitar tech talked through all the guitars.

The White Falcon was bought for $10/11,000 on EBay. Other than some binding issues, which were left unattended, all they did was string it up and give it a good set-up.


I rebuilt a 1960 Clipper..she was ready for the scrap pile...after a sunburst refin....I decided to add a second Hilo.. I used the tone pot as a volume pot for the second need for tone pots..

OMG she sounds awesome!! I read about Mike Campbell's Clipper some time back....after rebuilding mine..I now know what his ears hear in his...bliss.


Thanks for that, Rick! Now I have something to do with a Clipper or other single-pup guitar, in case I encounter one.


Baxter has a Clipper that was had for only a couple hundred bucks.

It's a pretty cool guitar now.


I was playing it yesterday. Love that thing.

Clipper prices are climbing, but there are still deals out there, especially for projects. It may just take a lot of work to bring it back. You gotta be in it for the love of it, cause you probably won't get out what you put into one.

Here's the really interesting thing to me on Cambell's: That appears to be a stud-mounted, non-floating bridge. Well, there ain't no wood in a stock Clipper. I'm wondering if he pulled the back and put a big block of wood in there.

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