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Got to see Elton John last night


Sir Elton played in the little burg of Casper, Wyoming last night. We got free tickets, fourth row on the floor just behind his piano.

Wow. What a talent, and very deserving of his fame, yet very gracious to the fans. If you get a chance, catch him on this tour. Amazing band, a couple of whom have been with him since '69 and '74. About a two and a half hour, high energy show. Elton gave the band two breaks while he did solo numbers, but he didn't take a break all night. No Gretches, but there was a gold sparkle LP, a silver sparkle Tele, and a sparkle bass, so that sort of counts doesn't it? :)


It's amazing that he's going to the smaller markets... he doesn't have to, but stars like the smaller venues, like that recent Sir Paul bar gig. So here's to Sir Elton. He was huge in the first half of the 70s.


Good for you!

Sir Elton loves to play live...

Never giving up his chops.


Wow! Casper? I've played in Casper, it's hard to think of a big enough venue. Did you notice if David Paton from Pilot was playing bass?


Elton John’s band features Nigel Olsson (part of Elton’s original three-piece band) on drums, Davey Johnstone (who first recorded with Elton in 1971 and joined the band a year later) on guitar, John Mahon on percussion, Kim Bullard on keyboards and Matt Bissonette on bass.


Deed beat me to it while I was looking it up. (and we got the same answer) They all appeared to be genuinely enjoying themselves, and they were tight.

It was at the Casper Events Center, a (supposedly) 9700 seat multipurpose (sports, music, etc) facility on the hill north of town. I would guess with the seats arranged the way they were that there were about 6000 or so in attendance.

When did you play here, and with whom, Tubwompus?


Oh lawd! It was a long time ago, back around '90, subbing in my cousin's hillbilly band. It was in January, too. I don't remember the name of the joint but was BIG.


The only place qualifying as "big" here would be the Events Center. It opened the year Black Sabbath was touring for "Mob Rules." I distinctly remember that because it was the first big show there after it opened and my parents wouldn't let me go. Some fear that I'd start engaging in animal sacrifice, I guess.

Anyway, small world. Hope you enjoyed our cold, windy little corner of it.


In 1973 or 1974 I saw the old band (Nigel, Davey and the late Dee Murray along with [I believe] Ray Cooper on percussion) when they toured the Goodbye Yellow Brick Rd. album. Front row. Eye opening, mind blowing show.


I saw that same tour, Bob. Great show. That was really when Elton was riding his first huge wave of popularity following the success of Honky Château, Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player, Madman Across The Water, and then Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Think of the songs that were already big, big hits for Elton by then:

Your Song
Honky Cat
Rocket Man
Crocodile Rock
Tiny Dancer
Candle In The Wind
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

After those, the hits just kept on coming. If you listen to one of his greatest hits albums, he can fill an entire album with really strong hit records. But, then you have to consider that he has multiple greatest hits records. He has been a very, very successful artist.


He's ever so popular. I really never got his music though. Even though not a fan I can understand his popularity and talent.

One piano man I really am a fan of is Neil Sedaka but I don't think he's as famous for piano as Elton John. I dig Billy Joel another piano man literally.

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