Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Lefthand corner: A 1956 Gretsch Duo Jet on German eBay.


Hi Paul!

Just done. With this option it is not possible to add any written info, but I also send an email to customer service with the details.


The guitar is not listed on german Ebay anymore.


Alright, so the eBay listing was bogus, but the guitar is real and is really for sale. Anybody going to do something about that? The price is a bit aggressive, though not outrageous , but maybe negotiable, and it's likely a one-in-a-lifetime chance.


I'm not in a position to pay fair-market value for it at this moment, and my want-o-meter is not pegging hard right.

BTW, the asking price in US dolares is about $5,800. For a '50s left-handed Gretsch, that's quite a decent price. The rare southpawed-ness gooses the price; and yes, the lefty vintage collector pool isn't deep, but it is full of desperate piranhas.



Hmmm ... 'SOLD' .... so, who's the lucky lefty?

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