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Left-handed 6120 - Unidentified?


That center strip of binding is also something Gretsch never did.


The interior pictures tell the story: this was never built by Gretsch. Period. There were at least two (IIRC) talented builders in Japan who made "clones" and this may be one of them.

Early modern Gretsches had no lining(7 ply sides, 5 ply tops), and when they did (around Brian Setzer's first sig model circa '94-5) they had kerfed lining, as they do to this day.


Not Gretsch. 70s-80s Japanese in origin, then after-mods.


Also, those aren't proper Dynasonics.


Sure. Bigsby's here.

– make1968

Thanks... but I still can’t tell if it has the holes behind the pins. If it does not then it’s just a relic’d modern (70s or later) B6 unit.


Thanks... but I still can’t tell if it has the holes behind the pins. If it does not then it’s just a relic’d modern (70s or later) B6 unit.

– kc_eddie_b

No holes behind the pins.


As an answer to some questions - I decided not to buy this. It was the roughly made modifications: probably I could have lived with that out-of-the-line tag (on a well-made and resonant guitar, clone as it may be), but the mods hidden were too much. Still, investigating this and that has been good learning, also I've got valuable information from you guys, too. And this has lead me to check all the tags and specs in these older Gretsches around here!

The tail binding actually was done in rare occasions, like "the 13767 guitar include a seam of white binding at the tail, visible below the Bigsby bracket and strap button". But this is not that vintage anyway - confirmed to be Japan made (70's-90's). All the hardware seems to be from that period, too.

The Gretsch top from FujiGen (JF) factory is sometimes similarly structured and thin. Possible clue. Kerfed lining (it is!) like this in the unusual opposite way, haven't seen that yet in a Gretsch. Neck may or may not have been replaced, at least the MOP plate obviously has. And almost certainly there hasn't been any kind of backpad in the beginning... 1955 look-a-like?

Not for me this time, but for somebody somewhere it sure can make a good player! And it's a lefty!


Someone asked where is this located: U.K. Here's the link to the item, re-listed: Link


Where can I buy one? Can someone check and tell me if this available in my aera or not? Link for the Gbwhatsapp is here.


Oh boy, left handed guitar. It's so beautiful. I am learning guitar and I am a left handed person. So, I am having some difficulties playing the guitar from my right hand. So this forum helped me and motivated me to play guitar from left hand I am so happy. Visit here for my guitar plays.. and here hehe.

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