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Late 70’s Solid Body “Beast”?


This is on consignment at the Shop in Carson City.

I believe it was recently refretted, given a once over, all mahogany...nice guitar.

I said I would get it some exposure...

Feel free to ask questions, I'll send them along.


Not a BST pretty sure but GC online still may have one of these also -- had seen it not that long ago.. This may have been a last-gasp Jet of some sort.


It's a Roc Jet II. Very well crafted guitar, just a handful around.


Finally found another picture on the internet, the only picture!

This one states 1976 vintage.

I have the Shop getting me more info...


Looks like the GC one is gone... it was under $1000 and up there for ages.


I'll be giving this guitar a full review later this morning. It was a single owner guitar, husband passed, wife came to the Shop to sell it.

One of the Shop's regular clients was in attendance. Shop would only do consignment, she wanted to sell. He bought it.

After he played with it a while, he had the Shop do a refret. He had it on Reverb for a year @ $1200.

Now asking $1100.

I guess the correct name is Roc II, but is it not a Jet?


Had to wait until this morning, Shop didn't open on Saturday. The Roc II is in what I would call VG+ shape...and I'm hard when it comes to Condition ratings.


The current owner has had it a couple years, doesn't play it, has 23 other guitars.

Asking price is below the 2018 Guitar Values Field Guide.

It is a 1977 model.


Weird that it has a plate on the body behind the neck and a truss rod cover on the headstock. Is it a bolt-on neck?


The other oddity is the tone controls look like a Gibson, but they seem to be separate Treble and Bass for each pickup, versus a Volume and Tone.

On this guitar they are not labeled as such as seen on the Proto.

Took me a while to get used to it, but you find what you like. Supposedly, one can get overdriven Treble or Bass, something akin to analog distortion, and without a 9V battery.

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