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kool Baldwin 6120


I don't think it's a Baldwin era; it's sure not a '76 as the seller claims, as the Booneville open f-hole 7660 debuts in '72. I bet it's a typo and is really a 1966. Too bad about the binding rot.


Yep, not a Baldwin. The pickguard, knobs, closed "f" holes, headstock shape, and truss rod location, are just a start.


Thanks for the update .. I just went with what they said about 1976. You think a vintage shop would know that stuff.


Serial number lacks the “made in USA” stamp, so it’s a 1966 example. They just made a typo in the listing.


Well, they typo'ed twice then. The ad copy specifically refers to the 70s.

Wouldn't a 70s issue be worth less than one from the 60s? The price seems high even for a 60s DC, doesn't it?


Well, this is one of those "what/why' situations... still pretty cool piece. I guess generally 60s ones go for more even tho 68/69 is technically Baldiwn era. But what maybe has not been discussed was at what point Baldwin changes and cost cutting happend. Even tho Fender was bought by CBS 1/1/65, still it was pre CBS spec for at least 6 months before changes went down. Maybe w/ gretsch things stayed the same until the move to Booneville... or maybe changes did go down in Brooklyn.


Visual changes began in early '72. My SC is a June build and has all the changed features.


Don't know about cost cutting; some models actually got upgraded. By '69 Clippers and Annies got a zero fret and 22 frets and Annies got bound pointy f-holes. Gretsch had been fooling with thick 5 or 7 ply sides since the early sixties and that may have been standardized by the late sixties; the lack of lining alone would save production costs. This was normalized by '72 with the Booneville models. Roc Jets (with standard truss rods) appeared for 1970. Mutes disappeared around '71.

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