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Killer ‘60/61 6120


Why would someone put on a pickguard that's obviously not correct - the cutout for the bridge pickup?

I magnified the pic of the end view and on the top binding, see those vertical cracks. Other views are too bright to clearly show if any more are present elsewhere.

Is a beautiful looking guitar though.




Ed, from what I can tell, zooming in on the COA the number looks like 39774 which would be a '61, correct?


damn I would be blown away to walk into a music go round and see that hanging on the wall. looks perfect


It's clearly 2 1/2" deep. More '60 than '61 whatever the serial number.


Nice guitar.. but when did ChuBaka start playing guitar.. Clean. I thought the 61's had a 2.25" body? That one looks pretty thick..


Is that what genuine 60s Filters really sound like?


It's a 1960, serial 34524

hirez COA is on Reverb Link

Beautiful guitar


Changed TRC screws and pickguard screws make me think the pickguard may not be original. Still...


And it's musicgoround. They're supposed to not know what it's worth and price it at $1250. It's more fun that way.


It's a 1960, serial 34524

hirez COA is on Reverb Link

Beautiful guitar

– Hepkat67

Thanks for the link. I was going by the blurry pic @ the musicgoround site. So the pick guard is wrong? And did the 1960's have a black heel cap?


That 345XX batch is a good one. I had 34548 and sold to another member here.


I remember there was a 6120 of this era at the great great House of Guitars in Rochester, NY back in 1983. Brian Setzer revived the guitar... maybe not from obscurity but he helped it alot. In 1983 they had a price tag of $2000 on it. So, 34 years later it's worth $12,500. That equates to about a 5.5% interest rate. Not a bad investment. I wonder how long that will continue?


In 1976/77 when I had a 58 & a 60/61 they had a price tag of $400. tops. First time I met Setzer in the late `80's I said "Thanks for raising the price of 6120's to almost out of reach.." He said, yeah, it's crazy ain't it..


It is fun to see another of an era similar to mine...

I just got #34582 back after a long time being preserved (vs restored) as sitting in a storage unit in central Florida turns out to be terrible for an instrument.

After a debacle with an overseas move, finding a case to protect it, etc. it is finally making its way across the ocean with me tomorrow.

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