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It’s ALIVE! The 1954 ELFCTROMATIC - Together again


Well, the ELF is alive, strung up for the first time in years. It’s settling in and opening up it’s big, round sound. I’m surprised, really. I had this pegged as a lost cause a week ago. Now it’s got a great big, round voice, abetted by a TVJones T’Armond and a big comfy neck. What’s not to love. I tried a few bridges but, remarkably enough, it sounds and plays best with the Melita it came with, which needed some missing parts replaced and new graphite saddles.


Love it! Nice to see another of these early Pre-Streamliners come back to life! Play her in good health!


Wow, that turned out great! Congrats Bob!


Heh, five consonants in a row in the same word (LFCTR). Ya just don't see that in the English language much...

"Hi, I'd like to buy a vowel?"

Beautiful guitar!


Muy nice-o. Judging from the photos, it looks like it belongs in the Howard family, too.



Dang, Bob! Nice reclamation!


So, do Blondes have more fun? How does it compare with your other Blondes? Congrats


Well ok. Just thought I'd ask.

It's the typo on the headstock that really makes it, you know. The Elftromatic. You can just see Galadriel rolling her eyes everytime Celeborn gets it out to play some of that damn elven music.


Yes, but Celeborn has been rocking Lothlórien for a thousand years. You would think the Lady of the Golden Wood would be accustomed to it by now.

Edit: Man, is my inner dork showing. In my defense, I read Lord of the Rings in 1969, before it was a thing.


Thanks, and thanks for your suggestion of the post, Paul.


How deep are these guitars? That looks fantastic.


Cool! Did you fix the brace?, or did I see you say you put a post in it?

Ctromatic smacks more of Silmarillion. Perhaps a lost group of elves that made it out of the fall of Numenor. The lore is long lost even to the memories of the eldest.


Bob, you have the coolest guitar room!


I’ll have to keep an eye on this. It may have (as Curt suggested) some tone loss, but I never played it without the post and it sound pretty good. Also must watch for cracks and tuning stability.


Just my two cents, but if you keep an eye on it and it develops a crack, isn’t that like closing the door after the horse gets out? This one is too nice imo and I would not risk it. I would have Curt replace the brace and enjoy it with less worries. YMMV.


I’ll add 2 cents to Joe’s. (Maybe we should take up a collection. Or you could leave a handlettered poster with a cup taped to it at the local gastation/conwenience store: My Blonde Needs A Brace.)

However it’s funded, I agree it should be fortified. At least check with Curt to see what it would cost. I’d like to imagine it wouldn’t require major surgery, though I could be dreaming.

It could still have a tone post if needed for focus and whoooom control - probably a narrow pillar with feet to spread the pressure on top and back.


Ya did good! Looks like fun player.

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