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it was a Gent


Well it's Wikipedia, but FWIW it states that it was a Gent on Hermit's "Mrs. Brown" big hit

"Hopwood recalls playing a Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar in the studio, with its strings muted to create the distinctive sound. When playing the song live, Hopwood often used a Rickenbacker guitar with a rag tied around the bridge to duplicate the sound, which can be seen clearly in old performance clips."


Well if you read it on the internet it must be true. I’d like to think so here.


If a fellow was talking politely to a middle-aged mum (probably near a lamppost on the corner of the street), complimenting her daughter, waxing philosophical about a breakup, and asking her to spare the lass any distress over his heartbreak...

he's clearly a gent, no?


The only problem I had with the mutes on my brand-new '63 Gent was they raised the pitch just enough to be unusable. I suppose if you detuned just that much you could cover "Mrs. Brown", but it seemed something of a bother-- especially since digital tuners lay decades futureward. So I never used the mutes and they've crumbled away long ago. My band played that tune for a couple of months, but I probably just stuffed a bar napkin by the bridge and trusted to luck!


There's that time Vic Flick came into Rick's Pawn Shop. I love seeing stuff like this;


Don't forget, y'all, that a muted Gent was also used on the Lovin' Spoonful's "Nashville Cats"


Vic Flick did a lot of sessions back in the 50’s through the 2000’s..He kept a detailed log of what he played on. I have no doubt that he used a Strat on that track!

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