Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Is this a gretsch? It says Milton


Looks like Milburn to me.


That Milburn logo is strikingly similar to one of Gretsch’s older logos, I’d be curious to know if there’s a connection.


Bacon guitars were made by Gretsch, back then. Not sure about Milburns. Somebody may know though, so hang tight.

I know there was a close association with Kay and Silvertone at one point.


Its clearly a Gretsch guitar. The headstock is the pre-war Synchromatic model 100 (see depicted).


Does your "Milton" have a serial number stamped into the tip of the headstock?


My guess it's a late pre-war example, when the Brooklyn factory was cobbling together guitars from extant components, often mixing American Orchestra feature with Synchromatic features. In the Op's case... a Synchromatic neck on an American orchestra body. Here's what the full pre-war Synchro 100 looked like...


And here's Mr. Gene Vincent playing a pre-war Synchro 100 example!


Does your "Milton" have a serial number stamped into the tip of the headstock?

– kc_eddie_b



It says 4771 on the head.


That number (4771) would correspond to the 1937 timeframe in the American Orchestra era... but that seems early for a Synchromatic headstock/neck to exist, since the Synchromatics were not introduced until 1939. The Synchromatic numbering system appears to poop-out just after #3000. I would have guessed it would have aligned more to the 1941ish (Synchro) timeframe. So... it's inconclusive as to the exact vintage, but it's clearly pre-WWII.


I always liked the headstocks from that period, (maybe earlier), Heres a Gretsch Ukelele headstock. Original T roof logo?


The infamous "Broadkaster", with serial number


Few Gretsch Ukes were serialized. The headstock looks a lot like the Orchestrella banjo. Got more pics of that??


one more, these came from that (French?) website I got the early catalog from a while back. I think you are right, they are Banjos

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