Vintage Gretsch Guitars

Is this 2.75 or 2.5 depth?


Congratulations on your gorgeous new guitar. Looks like it was well worth the wait.


Oh my! That's special! Congrats!


Wow! I know, looking at my single cut #6122 and looking at Pete's, they look to be the same depth. My Gent is 2.25" and is a 1960(some say it's from 59 because they have BoS for ones with an earlier date in59 date but close in serial # to mine #351xx).


You know I bet Pete's is an earlier `60 because the black dot hiding the large wood screw would be on the back if it was the 2.50" All the ones I've seen that were thinner had the dot on the inside of the cutaway like Neil Young's 6120. My Gent has the Dot in the cutaway.


I've owned 6120 #33064 (forty numbers after Setzer's Stray Cats 6120, why did I sell it?) and that guitar has a 2.75" body depth (100% sure). Must be one of the very very last. It also has a neck with a neck heel made for the 2.5" body depth. So it must have been some kind of 'transition' model. Townshend's guitar was from a later batch so I'm 99,9999% sure that it had a 2.5" body depth. The pic also looks like 2.5" to me.


I agree with you. I'm including two other pictures that make the argument for 2.5

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