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Interesting ‘56 (and ‘57) Town & Country



Well, first off, despite the ad copy, this isn't a '59 as clearly seen by the serial #18037 which makes it a '56. Sellers claim it isn't a re-neck but the thumbnail markers and 5 piece neck say otherwise; no pictures of the heel where the heel dowel screw is presumably located.

The horseshoe headstock would be right for a '59 Rancher but it's unbound and with white button Waverlys which was standard for a T&C. The soundhole actually belongs to the earlier 1940s models. By the time Ranchers and T&Cs came around in the mid '50's they sported the more triangular style which is still in use.

For kicks, check out this 6121 T&C from 1957 #21458 and notice the modern triangular soundhole. An interesting thing about this one is that there weren't supposed to be any T&Cs made after '56 and this one is from a batch of Ranchers.


The first example, #18037 was owned by GDP member "slabneck". It is a 1956 model year guitar.

The second example that lx offers up is from the #21450-21499 batch of 50 units. I've documented eight other examples from this group, and they are all 6022 Ranchers. It's not a stretch to think the factory might have slipped in a T&C or two into that batch. If that's the case, then this would be the latest T&C I've encountered.

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