Vintage Gretsch Guitars

I’m guessing this is a Baldwin era case? Opinions?


Agree. I bought a Gretsch case for my Corvette that has a similar green shag. I think mine was originally for a Gretsch BST.


I think my BST is coral blue on the inside.


That's a 1970's Gretsch case originally made by Victoria Luggage Company of Los Angeles. Appears to be late 70's because of the green shag -- early cases had a blue shag --and was likely originally for a Super Axe and/or Atkins Axe but is also capable of handling the thinner hollow bodies. At that price it is a steal because the owner is willing to be talked down in price and you can rarely find those on ebay and reverb for $150 and up.


I have seen that green color in late 70s stuff...Committee and TK 300, etc


This local super kleen Committee bass has the green case... it's 750 btw. Wish I needed it but as posted yesterday I just shelled out for a great custom made bass.



Looks like 70's design to me, possibly to fit a Rally/Streamliner model? Never seen one with a Kelly green interior.

– Tartan Phantom

FWIW, the case for my '76 Super Axe is the same shape as this one but the interior color is dark mossy - not Emerald - green.

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