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Identifying a Gretsch guitar


I bought my son a Gretsch guitar but have not give it to him yet and was looking for information on it, the serial number says u8015590 the best I can figure out by serial number it's a 1971 but the U has me confused it does not say made in the US or anything like that just the u at the beginning, I might be misunderstanding how to read the serial numbers if someone could help me out I would appreciate it. Also how do you know the model


Will really need pix to say much. The serial # does not appear to be a vintage era number tho.


The U is ‘Usually’ a fake, UnfortUnately.


I was kind of afraid that it was probably going to mean something like


I was kind of afraid that it was probably going to mean something like


Was there ever pre-FMIC Korean made product contracted to Unsung? There’s ‘90s era Epiphone stuff with U serials to indicate that as a factory, just like P serials indicate Peerless as the manufacturer.


Definitely not a vintage era S/N. Pix will tell the tale. BTW, where did you pick up this guitar?


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Thanks,I'll send a pic tomorrow


Thanks,I'll send a pic tomorrow

– jones

We'll be very interested to see,and you're certain to get some good information!

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