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I Know the Vintage Market Is Soft, But…Dang!


Sub-Electromatic price (heck, less than a hundred dollars more than a Streamliner!) for what is at least an acceptable vintage player (and these '60s 6120s sound great). The biggest issue with the guitar was that it had been painted black, and that paint was removed by a luthier, except for the neck.

If you have the wherewithal and the wish to own a vintage Gretsch, I'm thinking this must be a good time to seek one out.



Man! I mighta, had I known about it. I'd still kinda like a doublecut 6120, and that shonuff looks like one.

Hard to believe 46 bids and it only got to that price. There must be something about this picture we don't know.


I did have my eye on this but it was a mess; maybe playable, but a mess.


How soon before it's been (further) butchered up and is on the Gibson Dependable eBay page?


Occasionally, something cool just goes for a total steal.

People know about it but don't give a damn or just have too many projects, etc.

That's when the IPWs (Intense Parts Weasels) move in for the kill.

Yes, vintage market is soft --soft with tons of gear except what you happen to be looking for. For me right now, it's 1965-79 Rick 950.


About eight years ago, I answered a Craigslist ad for a $400 1964 6120. Some binding issues, IIRC, but all original. The guy told me one other person had already expressed interest, but he'd call me if the other guy didn't buy it.

He didn't call.


Funny. I went on eBay and searched completed auctions, and it isn't there.


I found it first thing under "sold" auctions. Searched "vintage Gretsch Chet Atkins" and there it was.

Per lx: definitely a mess cosmetically. I assume, lx, that you're no fan of relic-ing.

But bear in mind that I think like a left-handed player, because I am one––a given guitar may be a mess, but it may be the only lefty example I see for five years, if ever. I can get messes fixed. And I have. It always turns out well.

That doesn't have to hold as a modus operandi for righties, because better examples are always out there.



The 'touched-up" f-hole and "replaced" binding look unspeakably heinous.


The guitar was relisted by the same seller on ebay and sold for $1300.

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