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hypothetical p/u shootout


You mentioned you like the original PAF Gretsch Filtertron but they are getting harder to find. How about a TV Jones Ray Butts? They are meticulously recreated to be exactly like the original PAFs.


FWIW, I don't think anything significant happened when they switched from PAF to patent # covers. You might expand your search to other vintage FilterTrons to make life easier.


Afire: I'm mullin' it over...ask anyone who lets me bend their ear about guitars, i can be a little eccentric.


Hey, if it matters to you, then that's what matters. I have plenty of "requirements" that make no difference whatsoever to how a guitar plays or sounds.


what'll end up happening is...i'll try something out until a PAF appears on ebay or reverb and then I'll pounce.


Buddy I think it’s about time you have a guitar with Gibson Alnico 5 Staple pickups. After market Gibson’s aren’t sold but Duncan make some based on the original. You know Scotty Moore’s sound but here it is live.

I love the bite and edge of those pickups. Kind of like Dynas but rawer and more edge in my opinion.

– ThePolecats

I couldn't agree more:


For the kind of breakup I see/hear you using, a P90 would actually work great. If you need a reference in psychobilly - that whole first RHH album is an old Gibson ES175 with two P90's into a cranked Super Reverb, and for my taste, still the good Reverend's best recorded tone.

A TV Jones Supertron would too btw, if you want to stay in the 'tron camp. Doesn't have that quacky stratty thing you can get from a Filtertron, and has nice grunt without sounding like a Gibson humbucker.


Well you said Vintage and I don't know how old that actually refers to but the Blacktop Filtertrons are based on the Baldwin era Gretsch humbuckers and they sound great, if you don't mind a little more Jangle in your sound. I'm with the others who have said that I believe you have found your sound but it never hurts to have another crayon in the box to color with. Pick up a G54** or some sort of Electromatic at the local music store and give them a whirl. I have fallen in love with the ones in my G5191BK and they suit the G5420T that Karolyn got at last years Nashville Roundup. It has the Treble bleed circuit so that affects (torn between using effect or affect) the sound somewhat but some would say in a good way. They really don't get the love that they deserve. Like any other Gretsch humbucker they have their sweet spot.You just have to have them up high near the strings and then crank the volume all the way up!

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