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I am looking to significantly upgrade my humidiers for my music room where all the guitars are for this coming winter. I’ve had a hard time keeping above 20% last winter and saw signs that it was too dry on fretboard and other areas. What do you use?


I used to use an industrial humidifier for my guitar room. It worked very well but was a royal PIA as the 5 gallon jugs were every other day.

the light bulb went on last year when i read in another forum about putting your guitars in a small closet and using a smaller humidifier.

I have a small closet in my basement with a door. Cleared it out and that was the ticket.

Wow--that was it.

Kept them all at 40-45% all winter. Minimal upkeep and low maintenance.

I use the Sunbeam SCM3609. Its awesome.

Good luck.


Move to Indiana. No lack of humidity here.


Move to Indiana. No lack of humidity here.

– wabash slim

Not even during the winter heating season?

I humidify solid-wood acoustic guitars in their cases (damp kitchen sponge in an open snack-size baggie, re-wetted once each week). Much less labor than filling a room humidifier every day or two.

Laminated or solid-wood guitars don't get that sort of love, & mostly have to fend for themselves!


One thing about the Northwest- humidity isn't an issue. My house stays in the mid-40's year-round. 45 right now. Normally about 48-49 when it's raining. Even in the summer it seldom drops below the upper 30's

About three years ago I had a talk with John Hall via email and he pointed out that consistency is at least as important as the actual humidity. He told me that trouble usually crops up when a guitar is subjected to wide humidity swings (Like if I was to take my guitar from here to Phoenix in mid-summer, I may have a problem if I don't let it acclimate properly before I use it.)

So ever since, I've been pretty laid back about humidity -at least here at home. And the same probably applies to similar coastal climates (Seattle, Portland, both Vancouvers, even down the coast to the Bay area.) We simply don't change enough to matter.


I got a Dyson. I have to distill the water before I fill it. It's a pain. But its a struggle to keep above 25% humidity.

Last year, 17% humidity was visible in the fretboards and elsewhere.


I think if you live in the desert or someplace with really super low humidity, then a humidifier's fine. But for the most part you shouldn't try and put moisture back into wood that had a moisture level of 5% when it was built. Most guitar manufactures are very picky about the levels in wood when they build a guitar. Gretsch and Gibson semi's are multi-ply pieces of wood that have had a water based glue painted between the laminates before they go into a heat press to be formed. Even solid wood archtops have tops, backs & sides steamed into shape. A guitar has a hard enough time trying to remember it's not a tree anymore without adding more water to it..

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